Ryan Tedder talks new ‘Songland’, OneRepublic album delay: ‘Nobody can compete with the news’

Like many of us, Ryan Tedder is using this period of isolation to cook, spend time with family and binge-watch “Tiger King.”

But the OneRepublic frontman and Grammy-winning super-producer behind Adele, Beyonce and Taylor Swift is also busier than ever. He’s finishing a new OneRepublic album, which was set for release next month but is now “delayed indefinitely until fall,” he says. He’s working on songs for the upcoming “Top Gun: Maverick” and “Bill & Ted Face the Music.” And he’s finishing Season 2 of NBC’s songwriting series “Songland,” premiering Monday (10 ET/PT), on which he serves as executive producer and panelist. Continue reading “Ryan Tedder talks new ‘Songland’, OneRepublic album delay: ‘Nobody can compete with the news’”

Ryan Tedder on why OneRepublic postponed their album: “It feels gross to promote something during this”

OneRepublic is the latest act to postpone their new album due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their album Human, originally due in May, will now arrive in the fall.  Front man Ryan Tedder tells ABC Audio there were many factors that went into that decision.

“I can tell you as an artist, it feels gross to promote something during this,” he explained. “People [go] ‘But we want new music!’ No, you don’t. You want music that you’re already familiar with, that makes you feel good.”

Plus, Ryan points out that people are really distracted right now.

“If you’re trying to…find new fans and you’re dropping new songs during a global pandemic…you can’t compete with the news cycle,” he notes. “A OneRepublic single cannot compete with Governor Cuomo or Trump or Boris Johnson or CNN.”

The fact that a huge percentage of the world isn’t commuting right now was another factor.

“That’s when people listen to music,” Ryan explains. “You remove a third of the population of the world driving to and from work…there goes a third of the people that will listen to us.”

One exception? OneRepublic’s latest single “Better Days,” written while the band was in quarantine.

That makes sense right now,” he says. “Us dropping a super-summery bop or whatever, it doesn’t make sense.”

Ryan also says he has no idea when or if some other big albums he worked on — from Adele and Katy Perry to the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus — are going to come out.

“I don’t know. I’m kind of operating in a vacuum,” he admits. “Like the Jonas Brothers: Do I think there will be a full album this year? The plan was for there to be one. We have the track listing…[but] honestly, it changes every day.”


Human is officially delayed

West Coast

West Coast is a song initially started in 2015 and was meant to be on Oh My My. However it didn’t happened and some parts were used for Summer Of Love by U2. Current version will be on Human.

Ryan Tedder Exclusive FAULT Magazine Covershoot and interview

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Ryan Tedder on OneRepublic’s new single Didn’t I: ‘Every time you put out a song, it’s like pulling your pants down to the whole world’

Ryan Tedder is a jack of all trades and a master of many within the music industry.

Frontman to OneRepublic, writer of smash hits for Adele, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, producer for acts such as Shawn Mendes and Ariana Grande, exec of TV show Songland and founder of a sparkling water brand (!) – it seems Ryan really can turn his hand at pretty much anything.
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Bored in quarantine

Since Friday Ryan, Brent and Tyler Spry have been in quarantine in Ryan’s studio in Los Angeles because earlier this week they hung out in London with a friend who was later tested positive. They used this time to finish songs for Human and also did Instagram livestreams with Ryan cooking and them playing live music.

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