Once In a Lifetime Sessions with OneRepublic

New episodes of Once In A Lifetime Sessions are coming to Netflix on Dec. 15. This session sees the band performing live in the iconic Ace Theater Los Angeles, delighting fans with an energetic, mesmerizing performance featuring their biggest hits, Stop & Stare, Love Runs Out, Good Life, If I Lose Myself, Wherever I Go, I Lived and Counting Stars.

In the vinyl studio session, filmed at The Village Recorder in Los Angeles, OneRepublic are accompanied by a string quartet, laying down stripped back covers of Secrets, Connection, Apologise, Counting Stars and yet to be released track Wanted. Singer/songwriter Ryan Tedder delivers an insightful masterclass in which he discusses creating the ‘cosmic soup’ that is his sound, finding inspiration in his surroundings, and collaborating with legendary artists like Sir Paul McCartney and Beyoncé. This unique session offers an up-close look at the band behind the music, giving fans a truly once in a lifetime viewing experience.

In an exclusive preview Ryan Tedder talks about writing the band’s first-ever single “Apologize.” He reveals that he was in Colorado listening to a bunch of “moody British music” when he started to come up with the song, which was released in 2006. He sat down to play the piano and iron the notes and lyrics out.

The first two lines of “Apologize” just came to Ryan, and he can’t even explain how it happened. “I honestly think it’s a gift from God. I’ve never been able to explain it,” he says in the video. That gift turned into a massive hit. Not only did it reach the top of the music charts, the song also earned OneRepublic a Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals.