Ryan reminds 1R5 is coming in Spring

Ryan Tedder on the Secrets of Leading Pop Fans Into Songland

Despite his band’s name, Ryan Tedder is a man of many, many republics. He’s the songwriter of the year in Variety‘s Hitmakers issue largely for his work as a producer-writer in ensuring, with “Sucker,” that the Jonas Brothers had the smoothest possible runway for their comeback to make a safe landing. But eclipsing even that is the impact he had with the TV series he’s been helping develop for years, NBC’s “Songland,” which proved that, as a matter of fact, America does want to know how the sausage is made, when it comes to hit songwriting — at least if it involves watching how fast Tedder’s synapses can fire in a huge studio that’s taken on the creative intimacy of a writers’ room.

The year 2020 looks to be his busiest ever, between the return of that recently dormant group we alluded to, OneRepublic, plus a season 2 for “Songland,” plus new albums he’s worked on for Sam Smith and Anitta, plus a movie musical he’s been working on with Margot Robbie, plus a Nickelodeon scripted series with Simon Fuller, plus… Well, we’ll let him tell it, after he’s filled us in about the heartbreak of watching Ed Sheeran write a better song than the one he came up with for him.

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Ryan Tedder Says OneRepublic Plans to Release an Album by Spring 2020: ‘It’s Been Too Long’

OneRepublic fans can look forward to new music in the New Year.

Ahead of the band’s “Share the Code. Hit the Road” concert event hosted in partnership with Enterprise in Pioneertown, California on Friday night, frontman Ryan Tedder told PEOPLE that the plan is to release their fifth studio album — their first since 2016’s Oh My My — by the end of Spring 2020.

“We wanted to have [the album] out before the end of the year, but if you don’t do something before Thanksgiving, there’s no shot between Thanksgiving and Christmas from any standpoint,” Tedder, 40, said. “Just because it’s Christmas time and it’s nuts to put an album out after Thanksgiving. Originally, we were like, ‘Let’s do it November.’ And then we realized that we were gone for three out of the next four weeks, and it was physically impossible to finish an album in the timeframe that we thought we needed it.” Continue reading “Ryan Tedder Says OneRepublic Plans to Release an Album by Spring 2020: ‘It’s Been Too Long’”