White Christmas

White Christmas is a cover song by OneRepublic used in a year-end advertising campaign by Jeep. It is available on iTunes since November 9.

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This time, Ryan Tedder doesn’t plan to “bail” on promoting OneRepublic’s new music

OneRepublic’s most recent album, Oh My My, came out in 2016, but in November of that year, frontman Ryan Tedder had a nervous breakdown and nearly quit the band.  Overwhelmed by stress and anxiety, he canceled everything, including a tour and promotional activities.  He’s since recovered — but now that new OneRepublic music is coming, Ryan realizes he needs to be ready to handle what comes next.

On Twitter, OneRepublic has been teasing “#new1rsoon” and “New Music.”  The band also posted a photo of Ryan onstage with guitarist Zach Filkins, and captioned it, “Looking forward to a lot more of this in 2019.”  So things are gearing up, and so is Ryan.

“I know that the next time we actually put out an album, I have to have the mental constitution — and the emotional and physical — to work it, and not bail, so I wanna get it right,” he told ABC Radio a couple months ago when he revealed that OneRepublic was working on a new album.

“I have to treat this like it’s our debut album,” he added. “And that’s what I’m doing.” 

Of course, Ryan hasn’t just been sitting around all this time. When he realized he couldn’t promote Oh My My, he turned to working with other artists.  In the past 12 months, he worked on albums by Paul McCartney, Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes and U2.


New music competition show Songland is coming to NBC with Ryan Tedder, Charlie Puth and more

Get ready for Songland, a new NBC show that’s being executive-produced by Adam Levine.

The 11-episode series also has Eurythmics member Dave Stewart on board as an executive producer, and OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder as a producer. The show is designed to give up-and-coming songwriters a chance to get their works heard and recorded by top music stars.

In each episode, five songwriters will play their original compositions in front of three famous music producers and a top recording artist. After the performances, the recording artist will pick three songwriters and pair them each with a producer. The songwriter and producers will then work together to create the best song, and at the end of the episode, the winner’s song will be recorded and released as the artist’s next single.

Adam’s friend Charlie Puth will be the recording artist in the first episode (which was filmed in early April), and the producers will be Ryan, Grammy-nominated songwriter Ester Dean and hit-making country songwriter Shane McAnally.

“As a songwriter, I am all too familiar with the challenges that face the music community today,” Adam Levine explains. “With this new series, we are excited to provide opportunities that will not only impact these songwriters’ careers but also give them a platform to truly showcase their talent to a global audience.”


Ryan Tedder to mentor on season two of Canadian music competition “The Launch”

OneRepublic‘s Ryan Tedder got his start in the business by winning a MTV-sponsored music competition, so it’s no surprise he likes to be involved in music competition shows.  It’s just been announced that he’ll return as a mentor and producer for season two of the Canadian series The Launch.

Ryan was involved with the show’s first season, each episode of which features five emerging artists who all vie to be the one to learn, record, and perform an original song by a famous songwriter and producer.  The song that Ryan created for season one, “Ain’t Easy,” went platinum.  He’s coming back for season two, and Sarah McLachlan has also joined as a mentor/producer for the new season.

Record executive Scott Borchetta, whose main claim to fame is signing Taylor Swift, is the show’s executive producer and is also the main on-camera music industry figure on The Launch.  The show begins production on its second season September 26 in Toronto.

In a statement, Borchetta said, “Ryan is coming back and is so fired up about producing another Launch winner. Sarah McLachlan will be amazing to work with…LET’S. ROCK. THE. LAUNCH. S2!”


OneRepublic’s “Connection” Gets Arty, Partially Black & White Video

OneRepublic’s “Connection” has the kind of chorus that gets lodged in your brain from the very first listen, which makes it an easy, breezy contender for the most underrated song of the summer. Radio programmers haven’t jumped on it yet (despite very healthy downloads), but that could change with the arrival of its arty, attention-grabbing video. The Joel Pront-directed clip finds Ryan Tedder walking around The Oculus in New York City, while a woman does an interpretative dance routine — choreographed by Matthew Peacock— in a crowd of people.

It’s striking and effortlessly conveys the track’s main theme. “Basically the whole idea was, and a lot of what this album is about, is human connection,” OneRepublic’s frontman told Beats 1. “Trying to find authenticity and authentic connection. This is kind of one of like four or five that we honestly couldn’t decide what to put out first. In the history of One Republic, the biggest single is never the first thing we released — it’s usually the second or the third. So all things being equal we kind of said, ‘Ok, well… [this sounds] like a summer record. Let’s put it out and then two months later, let’s put out another one.’”


Counting Stars Earns Diamond Certification In United States

The illustrious diamond club just welcomed a new member.

According to the RIAA, OneRepublic’s smash “Counting Stars” just attained 10x platinum (diamond) status in the United States.

The award was issued on August 20, 2018.

It confirms 10 million in US units, with each unit equal to 1 paid download or 150 streams.

“Counting Stars” peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, tying the career high set by the band’s breakthrough “Apologize.” It is the first OneRepublic single to attain a diamond certification in the United States.