Ryan Tedder on the return of OneRepublic

It’s been over 12 years since slow-burning bop “Apologize” dropped on the charts and we were introduced to Colorado-hailed pop-rockers OneRepublic. And the obsession has held steady, as fast-forward and the band are still pumping out impossibly catchy feel-good ear worms (you will have pressed play on “Good Life”, “Secrets” and “Counting Stars”), with collaborations over time with the likes of Timbaland, Peter Gabriel and Santigold to name a few.

And now, after a two-year hiatus, the band are back in a big way, dropping their new single, soaring head-bopper “Rescue Me,” accompanied by a cinematic music video. In the visuals a young boy flees from a group of bullies and is taken over by the compulsion to dance, with every move beating his assailants back. At one point the boy even uses his new dance-fuelled super powers to accidentally blow over a neighbours fence, revealing none other than OneRepublic playing at your local friendly BBQ.

We chatted to frontman, three-time Grammy winner and all-round multitasker Ryan Tedder about the return of OneRepublic…

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Ryan Tedder on how OneRepublic’s new single Rescue Me inspired their comeback

Currently, he’s juggling the launch of a new TV show he’s executive produced, called Songland, which debuts on NBC this month, and the start of OneRepublic‘s next era with new single Rescue Me.
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Ryan Tedder wrote OneRepublic’s Rescue Me in just 10 minutes

Ryan Tedder penned OneRepublic’s new song ‘Rescue Me’ in “10 minutes or less”.

The ‘Stop and Stare’ group dropped the track on Friday (17.05.19) and the frontman and chief songwriter has revealed that the idea came to him like a “stream of consciousness’.
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