Love Runs Out (Live In South Africa)

OneRepublic guitarist Zach Filkins tells ABC Radio that with the Native tour, the band was finally able to play the big venues they’d dreamed of.

Despite success with songs like “Apologize,” “Stop and Stare” and “Good Life,” touring was frustrating for the band, says Zach.

“The size venues we were playing in weren’t as big as we wanted,” he says. “We weren’t able to bring the size show that we wanted.”

“For this tour, specifically, we finally felt like we had reached a place where we could bring that show that we had always thought about, and play to the size crowds that we…had in our heads.”

“It was really, like, ‘OK, all this work is paying off, finally — nothing has been handed to us,'” Zach says of the tour. “We felt like we earned it and we really enjoyed it as a result.”

As for documenting the Johannesburg show, Zach says, “We love South Africa…so I think we wanted it to be a little bit exotic and we wanted it to have that energy…early on in our career, we toured through there and it was magical.”

As for performing “Love Runs Out” live, Zach says, “That’s one of the most hyped-up songs that we have, so it kinda gives us that feeling on stage…a really high-energy, driving gospel blues kind of a song. We always look forward to that moment in the set because of that.”