OneRepublic’s loving their current tour: “It’s kinda like summer camp for adults”

OneRepublic has gone on a lot of tours over the past 10 years, but they say their current Honda Civic summer tour, featuring James Arthur and Fitz and the Tantrums, is their favorite. Why? Because of the camaraderie, the food and the fun.

“I mean, we’ve had a lot of great moments, grilling backstage and hanging out,” singer Ryan Tedder tells ABC Radio. “Yeah, it’s the best group of people that we’ve ever toured with,” adds guitarist Drew Brown.

“Just the fact that it’s summer, the fact that we’ve got our families with us on and off throughout the tour, the Fitz guys have been bringing their kids out,” Drew explains. “And it’s just, like, people running around, kids falling down, skateboards…it’s kinda like summer camp, basically, for adults.”

Ryan tells Billboard that another reason he’s loving the tour is because “for the first time ever we feel like we have long-term fans, and you just have no idea until you’ve been around long enough.”

Being able to enjoy the local sights is another reason Ryan says this tour’s been enjoyable — and he says he’s thankful that he isn’t so famous that he can’t just walk down the street.

“If you’re not just a huge artist but you’re also a celebrity, you’re a prisoner in your hotel,” he tells Billboard. “I’ve had this conversation with…Adele — I’ve gone out with her in the city and it’s a different scene. You’ve got five ex-SAS or Navy SEALs shadowing you. Whatever level of success that is, I don’t want that.”

The Honda Civic tour wraps up September 12 at The Woodlands, Texas, and then the group will head overseas for a series of shows in Asia.