Ryan Tedder wants to invent a new album model

Ryan Tedder is ready to invent a new album format.

After OneRepublic nearly burnt out while promoting their last album Oh My My in 2016, Ryan says he doesn’t see them putting out a traditional full-length any time soon.

As of right now, they’ve decided to just release singles — like the dance-y tune “Rich Love” — whenever they want to. But Ryan also has ideas to shake up the music industry with a new model.

“An EP is too small, so I’m thinking like seven songs, call it a CP: Condensed Play,” he says.

Tedder adds, “I think that should be the new model for albums. That’s what we’re gonna do. And I’m calling it a CP and if other people wanna jump on the bandwagon they can do that.”

His other idea for a title might not be as catchy.

“The other one would be ELF: Extended Limited Format, but that just sounds ridiculous,” he says. “And you think of the movie, which doesn’t really help.”