Lany talks working with Ryan Tedder

Hailing from California, LANY are the new reigning kings of Indie Pop.

Formed by Paul Klein, Jake Goss and Les Priest, the trio’s latest single ‘ILYB’ has been gaining a lot of momentum online, which is something lead vocalist Paul is extremely thankful for.

“Sam Smith posted about us on Instagram. We were at Soho House in New York about to play a private show one night when someone came up to me and said Sam Smith is upstairs. I thought I am going to go up to him but I have never met him. Then I went up to him and was like ‘Hi I’m in LANY and I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting our work’. That was the coolest, we are huge fans,” Paul says.

“He just jumped out of his chair and said ‘Omg I love you so much, it’s nice to meet you’. Then turning to his right is Ryan Tedder.”

“Ryan and Sam came to our show and [Ryan] emailed the CEO of Interscope and said ‘I want to write with Paul.’ That was over a year ago and I was completely flattered.”

Turns out the pair actually have a bit of history…

“This is a cool story, Ryan Tedder’s Dad and my Dad went to college together. I had known that for a long time and looked up to him. He’s a writer, performer, singer but I am a nobody and I don’t co-write, I never co-write, I hate co-writing. I didn’t want to go into a session with Ryan Tedder needing a song.”

“The session was really just an after thought. Let’s just go in and have fun and see what we come up with. We wound up getting into the studio together – he is a melodic genius and I love melody as well – so for four hours we just tried to out do each other’s melodies.”

“When we settled for a melody – he knows how important it is that I write all the words to our songs – he was like ‘Right, I’m leaving. You have the studio for the rest of the day to write however you want to’. It was the studio where Michael Jackson recorded ‘Bad’. It was so epic in there, there was just this grand piano, so I sat on it and wrote all the words to the song.”