Kidsday meets OneRepublic

We had the great opportunity to meet with OneRepublic at Irving Plaza in Manhattan recently. Talking to the band was an amazing experience. Band members were all easygoing and very funny. They also said they love talking to kids, so we were at ease from the very beginning.

The band formed in 2002. Ryan Tedder, the lead singer, did most of the talking during our interview, and he made us laugh a lot.

We asked if the band had any intentions of releasing a new album soon. They said not at the moment. We all thought “No Vacancy,” their latest release, was a great song. We asked if anyone had a special connection to “No Vacancy.” They all said yes and told us they wrote the song while all sharing a hotel room, eating pizza, because the hotel had no vacancy.

They told us that many times they feared they wouldn’t make it as a band. They had record labels drop them many times. We are happy they are successful and continue to write songs we love. Their songs are inspired by people, life and different places they have traveled to.

We were surprised to hear their favorite place to perform is Thailand.

Performing in concert, they said, is so much easier than making a music video. We were shocked by that answer. We would think performing in front of thousands would be very scary. Ryan did tell us that in every concert he forgets the words to a song at least once.

We asked whom they would choose if they could perform with anyone past or present. Among the answers were Michael Jackson, the Beatles, the Eagles and even Beethoven.

The most embarrassing part of the interview was when Ryan flipped our own question on us, and none of us could think of an answer on the spot. We asked him, what song would you want to perform that wasn’t your own? He then turned and asked us what our favorite song would be for him to perform. We all were speechless — how embarrassing for us!

After we left OneRepublic, we were able to visit with the Kidz Bop band. The kids ranged from ages 10 to 13, and they were very friendly and fun to talk with.

Overall, this was the most amazing day, and we will never forget it.