OneRepublic Talks New Single, Connecticut Connections & More

OneRepublic caught up with Damon Scott backstage before closing out the All-Star Christmas, and the band talked about their latest single, a surprising Connecticut connection, and more.

“Let’s Hurt Tonight” is the latest in a long line of hit singles by OneRepublic, a song that’s not only making its way up the charts, but is featured in Will Smith’s latest movie Collateral Beauty, as well. The song was actually one of the first written for what would become their fourth studio album Oh My My, nearly two years ago.

“‘Let’s Hurt Tonight’ was written toward the beginning of the writing writing for this album, almost two years ago. You go through all these cuts, where you’re killing songs that won’t make the album, and it made all the various cuts,” said Ryan Tedder. “It’s our manager’s favorite song on the album… it’s by far the most emotional song on the record. The movie, Collateral Beauty, is the most impactful movie I’ve seen in a decade. If you’re a human being, you will feel everything watching this movie.”

Of course, a big part of the Holiday season is about going home, and even though OneRepublic hail from Colorado Springs– more than a few miles from Connecticut– All-Star Christmas still served as a bit of a homecoming for Tedder. “We’re near Groton, here at Mohegan Sun,” he explained. “And my entire family is from Mystic. All of my mom’s side, the whole family, they’ve been in Mystic forever.”