What’s Ryan Tedder’s Pick for Best Original Christmas Song of the Last Decade?

Ryan Tedder’s not only the frontman for OneRepublic, but he’s also a super-successful songwriter and producer for other artists, like Adele, Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce. Given his songwriting expertise, what does he think is the best original Christmas song? Well, he has two — one you can probably guess, and another that may surprise you.

“I mean, it goes without saying that the most successful and well-loved modern Christmas song in the last 30 years is ‘All I Want for Christmas,’ Mariah Carey,” Ryan tells ABC Radio. “And it doesn’t get old, it really is incredible.”

He adds, “Someone told me recently that as far as all the songs that she’s put out [that she’s written], it is hands-down the highest-earning record she’s ever put out in her career.” He laughs, “Every Christmas she gets this massive check from that song!”

But there’s a more recent song that Ryan says is fantastic as well.

“Michael Buble…he put out a Christmas record, like, six years ago, I think,” Ryan tells ABC Radio. Ryan’s correct: Michael’s holiday album, Christmas, came out in 2011.

“He has an original Christmas song on there…I’m spacing on the title of it, but it’s the best originally-written new Christmas song that I’ve heard in the last decade for sure!” he says.

According to Ryan, he’s listened to Michael’s album many times because his mom loves it and is always playing it. And since the only original Christmas song on the record is “Cold December Night,” we assume that’s what Ryan’s referring to. Coincidentally, Michael also recorded “All I Want for Christmas Is You” on that same record.

Incidentally, OneRepublic released an original Christmas song in 2011 titled “Christmas Without You.”