Ryan Tedder Sitting Out Black Friday, Would Rather “Process All the Food” He Ate


OneRepublic is one of the many performers on Thursday night’s The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration, airing on ABC at 8 p.m. ET. But lead singer Ryan Tedder says he has no interest in what comes after Thanksgiving — the shopping orgy known as Black Friday.

“The Black Friday thing, I get it. I understand it’s important. People gotta get their shop on,” says Ryan. “But, especially with the Internet now, it’s like, why would you intentionally drive to a mall that’s just beyond crowded where you can’t find parking?”

“Watching television and processing all the food you just ate sounds a hundred million times better to me than having to, like, fight it out through a mall parking lot,” he adds.

OneRepublic’s Drew Brown agrees that going out Thanksgiving weekend isn’t a thing he’s interested in doing, either. He laughs, “Our new goal is gonna be try to make it through every important holiday without putting your shoes on.”

“Exactly,” adds Ryan. “Shoes off. Thanksgiving is, like, shoes off and television, games, parades, holiday specials, family….Not shopping. For me, personally.”

Ryan and the band should rest up anyway: they’ve got a busy year ahead. They plan to launch a major tour in support of their new album Oh My My.